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In Deutschland geboren, in Frankreich ausgebildet, lebt in den USA, hat fünf Länder Heimat genannt, im Besitz von zwei Pässen und sie springt bequem zwischen Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch und Spanisch von einer Sprache und Kultur zur anderen. Marion ist wirklich geboren und ausgebildet, um in einem internationales globales Geschäftsumfeld zu schaffen.

Sandy Hook - Killzone USA

Professional Highlights

I am passionate about my work. I always give 100%.


* Applying solid organizational and logistical skills on all productions, resulting   in streamlined, budget-friendly shoots. No zig-zagging travel with me.

*Working in many languages on the same project, especially on border stories. 

*Being able to bridge cultures and languages, code switching to relate to interviewees equally, whether they are Spanish-speaking workers or show business VIPs.

*Never having missed a deadline in over a decade of weekly PR campaigns. The story went out 5 am on Mondays, come rain or shine.

*Applying my grandmother's etiquette rule: treat everyone as you want to be treated. I am always polite, whether I am talking to a president or a gang OG. Yes, they are not that different from each other.

* My proven track record in award submission writing for my event and entertainment PR clients. They have worked tirelessly to deliver event success and I am honored to be trusted to present the story to award committees.

jungle trio027.jpeg


It's always a new adventure!

No other occupation in the world allows me to explore the rainforest for a lost city in Honduras and follow that up with a Hollywood Award Show Red Carpet.

Some of my favorite memories:

*being invited by the National Guard to fly along on their Black Hawk helicopters to cover the catastrophes of the Great Flood of the Mississippi

*working on the largest private cattle ranch in the USA

*filming orca pods around Hanson Island, British Columbia, Canada

*landing and catapulting off air craft carrier USS Carl Vinson

*saving piglets from a flood while filming

*interviewing Hugh Hefner

*meeting Stevie Nicks backstage after a corporate concert appearance

*interviewing Quincy Jones

*filming on top of the world - Maunakea Observatory - on my birthday

*Getting a behind-the-scenes look at traditional taro fields on Oahu


Awards & Honors

California Legislative Assembly Certificate of Recognition
Issuer: California Legislative Assembly

Presented to MARION RENK-ROSENTHAL in Honor of: your outstanding involvement and participation with the Orange County Children's Therapeutic Arts Center (OCCTAC), contributing hours of volunteer work snd making a difference in our communities, on the occasion of OCCTAC's Family and Arts Festival. Presented June 14, 2008. Jose Solorio, State Assemblyman.

Commendation by Genesis Awards

Brigitte Bardot International Award

"Orcas - Der Wal Corki" for Spiegel TV

Throwing Caps


Master's Degree 


Faculté des Lettres, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Degree Name: Master

Field Of Study: Applied Foreign Languages in Business and Law

Dates attended: 1979 – 1983

Academic Exchange in 1981/82, spent the Bachelor year at Portsmouth University, United Kingdom.

Letzte Kunden 

*arte      *ARD     *ZDF   *Raphaela Film GmbH


   *DOX82      * Vincent Productions     *Spiegel-TV   


  *DHF-Medien   *360º-Medien  

*EventWorks     *Imaginationsunterhaltung    


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